Try a new experience

What happens if I can breathe under the surface of the sea?

Is it dangerous? Can I do it? Will I make it? Is it difficult? Several questions around your mind just before you can take this big decision to try for the very first time to breathe under the surface of the sea like a fish!

Relax and enjoy it! It is something new! It is something unique! It is a new ability and a new door that opens to a whole new world and a different environment of this one that we live in, every day!

If there is something difficult then our job is to make it turn into fun! You are not alone in this! We will help you do it as easy as possible and we will explain everything! We will be there with you and your friends to share this unique moment!

Yes but is it dangerous? Danger comes if you find yourself out of your personal limits or out of the sence of safety. We will only do what you want and are able to do and nothing more than that so relax and let us introduce you to the underwater world of West Crete!

an uncompetable experience you will never forget!

let’s go diving today!

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