Diving Kissamos Chania Crete

Diving Kissamos Chania Crete

When someone hears the word Crete, then the first thoughts that flood his mind will take him to the unique marine, sightseeing landscapes in Kissamos, Chania. Balos, Falassarna and Elafonissi are magical nature creations that decorate with their beauty the Municipality of Kissamos Northwest, West and Southwest of its territory. These places are an ideal field to initiate in the underwater world, the world of scuba diving.

The crystal clear waters, good temperatures throughout the year, the absence of strong currents and the smooth slope of the seabed make up an ideal field for training. Also, relaxed browsing and practice for people who want to learn diving or novice levels.

The Cape of Gramvousa, both on its western and eastern sides, is a landscape of natural beauty. It is a diverse field for more specialized forms of diving. These dives can satisfy even the most experienced and demanding diver. There are deep dives, wall dives, wrecks and reefs waiting to be visited!

The West Coast to Elafonissi is full of unknown sights to many. Places that hide many underwater thrills and wild unexplored beauty.

Kissamos is a unique area as you can combine your dives with a visit to the Kissamos City Museum. Even also in Ancient Falassarna where you can admire, a harbor installation on land from a rare geological phenomenon!

Visitors to a different world, the one we only want to observe and admire, leaving it in the situation we found it so that the next generations will have the same opportunity…

We invite you to take a “deep dive” in Kissamos of Chania Crete… all the year … it is unique … inexhaustible …

We are ready to guide you at the best diving spots of this unique area and share great underwater moments! Join us at the next dive! Contact today divebuddy.gr

Diving Kissamos Chania Crete